Maybe not today…

There was a time when I longed to be special maybe even famous. I believed that my fate was to be the center of attention. I knew my life would be different from those around me. I had a conviction that I wouldn't end up being average, no matter what. Back then, being average was... Continue Reading →

Good Girl Syndrome

I was a good girl.I loved being praised for listening to elders.I loved being appreciated for greeting everyone with a smile (even when I didn't feel like it).I loved getting straight A's for the attention.I loved being the goody two shoes that parent's loved showing off to relatives.I loved being the teacher's pet.I loved helping... Continue Reading →

To feel something…

I can look real good on pictures,But I'd roll down the stairs to just feel something.I can't sleep because I have ideas, in my head that keeps me in my bed.I want help but I'd rather shut the door than,let anyone inside the embassy of thoughts.I still write blogs to get things off my chest,and... Continue Reading →

A Day in Room 649

Room 649.It was our hideout. From the world. From Realities,Here, we could be reckless, away from the hawk-like eyes.We were limitless,We promised 24 hours of love,just to part on the 25th.We lay listening to music intervened together like tangled earphones,We ate in our undergarments like rebellious kids,We claimed the other as their own for the... Continue Reading →

When you leave for good…

We're madly in love right now and I'm writing this to you for when you leave me for good. I know it's cynical of me to write about endings at beginnings...but you know me. This is an ode to you, our love. Because I know maybe I won't say all these things when we part... Continue Reading →

Just Enough is also 100% for some…

Do you remember those 3 hour descriptive exams from college? We always went crazy with anxiety making us ignore both the blistering heat and the blizzard. The clock ticks were louder than ever and suffocating heavy breath that loomed in the room. I vividly remember some of us who hung themselves at the gates trying... Continue Reading →

Dear Depression,

Dear Depression, I was never fond of you. I was afraid of you or maybe I was afraid of myself (of what I had become) I always wanted to beat you, scream the cry of victory like the Greeks. But I gave up in the middle, maybe I got attached to you. Since you were... Continue Reading →

Bumble to Babies – Art of apps

As we are back within the confines of our home again with another lockdown, there is this bechaini that is creeping into our lives again. Do you remember that first unfortunate lockdown that befell us and everyone was in a rush to get married? And those who weren’t were looking for potential romantic escapades on... Continue Reading →

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