Domestic violence and societal brainwashing

What is the first image that pops in your head when you think of domestic violence? Unanimously, all of us imagine a drunk husband belonging to the lower section of the society beating his wife senseless. But have you ever doubted the fact why it's always a man who is the perpetrator? Or why it's... Continue Reading →

Alpha Male-ism & Pimping of SIMP

Alpha male - Where did you first hear this term? I'm sure most women out there must have come across it while fangirling over werewolves. That's how I was introduced to "Alpha male" in my teenage years. (I was one of the crazy fans of Twilight series authored by Stephenie Meyer) Teenage years is one... Continue Reading →

Dreams or Money?

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." There was a time in our life when everyone used to ask us about our dream...back then we would sprout words from astronaut, doctor, teacher, pilot, scientist, fashion model, make-up artist, writer and even barbie... yes there was a... Continue Reading →

Role Play, Power & toxic Ex!

Have you ever initiated a breakup with your ex only to have him beg you to come back? Giving reasons that he/she has changed and they can't live without you. If this situation has happened multiple times, then you'd know that nothing changes after your forgiveness. They eventually go back to the same methods and... Continue Reading →

Culpability in the Fall of Man!

//WARNING - Don't Read if you are extremely religious or spiritual// It is said, "Ignorance is bliss". But is it really? It comes across more like a bane in disguise especially when the punished is rendered on you on a wrong that disavows your basic constitution. Getting punished gets more unfair when mental construction is... Continue Reading →

The kiss that went amiss

Last night I kissed a guy. Lust hooded his eyes and I knew that he wanted me but I didn't. All I wanted was to forget my ex who was clouding my brain that evening. I closed my eyes and let my lips meet his. Behind my closed lids I reminisced yet again the way... Continue Reading →

A Love like that…

//It was always Chill and no Netflix for us// Cocooned in each other's embrace, with the 70s pop playing in the background and staring at the rustic fan while playing with his hair was once my the favorite thing. Now I wonder when did it disappear from my list of favorites? I can't find anything... Continue Reading →

To be or not to be…

The world functions in a funny way by categorizing everything which includes humans as well. Everything is labeled and we all wish to fall under these categories. We don't want to be uncategorized as its unanimously perceived as something bad. But is it really? Filling in the blanks of the personal details form made me... Continue Reading →

Euripides Medea – A Woman in Love

Love is dangerous and a woman in love is more dangerous than love itself. The concept of Love has evolved over time but the implications of the emotion remains timeless for both the genders which unites yet divides them. Both Byron and Nietzsche have articulated the difference in the emotions between the sexes appropriately where... Continue Reading →

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